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    1. Hi, good to know you dedicated a website to update news about properties in sarawak. I have a suggestion to you to expand your information by including additional page about MM2H.

    2. Dear webmaster,

      I am victor, the person in charge for Property Hunter Expo in Kuching.

      We are very happy that your website has display our exhibition banner. However, would you mind to update the banner as this artwork is not latest version and might giving wrong information to your traffic.

      Kindly reply me and I can ready the new artwork for you.

      Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

    3. Good day.

      I am currently looking for a new house. Price from 100k- 250k. Location: kuching.
      If new project or new house for sale kindly send me an email. Payment type: preferably Government loan.(Sarawak state government)

      Thank you.