Renewal of Land Leases in Sarawak

Application for renewal of land leases

  • An application for a renewal of land leases may be made anytime before the expiry of leases.
  • Applications shall be made using Form RLL 1/2010 obtainable from any Divisional Office of Land and Survey Department.

The criteria for application:

  • Land is not required for Government development purposes
  • The utilization of the land does not conflict with the conditions of title.

Term of leases

  • The land lease may be renewed for a term of 60 years or 99 years
  • A term of 99 years may be given to lands for commercial (shophouse) and residential purposes subject to additional premium of 30% of the flat rates currently in force
  • A term of 99 years may also be given to lands for agricultural purposes if the original term is 99 years without charging an additional premium

Rates of premium for renewal of land leases for commercial (shophouse), residential and agricultural purposes are as shown in Table 1 while those conditioned for Commercial (other than shophouse), industrial, office/institutions and recreational purposes are shown in Table 2.


  • The Minister shall decide on special cases involving the low income group or those living below poverty line based on the merit of each case.
  •  Value of present interest of land (balance of term) is not considered
  •  Primary Towns – Kuching, Sibu, Miri and Bintulu
  •  Secondary Towns – Sarikei, Sri Aman, Kapit, Limbang, Mukah, Betong and Samarahan
  •  Rural Towns – e.g. Lundu, Asajaya, Niah
  •  An additional amount of 30% shall be charged for applications to 99-year term. E.g. For a unit of terraced house, the premium payable = RM1,300 (RM1,000 + 30%)


Source from Land and Survey Department, Sarawak