Tenancy Agreement Stamp Duty Calculation

The standard stamp duty chargeable for tenancy agreement are as follows:-
Rental for every RM 250 in excess of RM 2400 rental

Less than 1 year RM 1
Between 1- 3 years RM 2
More than 3 years RM 3
Annual rental below RM 2,400 No Stamp Duty

Example 1:

Monthly Rental: RM1,000
Duration: 1 year
Yearly Rental: RM12,000

Stamp Duty:
First RM2,400: RM0.00
Remaining RM9,600: RM39.00
Additional Copy (1 Copy): RM10.00

Total: RM49.00

Example 2:

Monthly Rental: RM5,000
Duration: 3 years
Yearly Rental: RM60,000

Stamp Duty:
First RM2,400: RM0.00
Remaining RM57,600: RM462.00
Additional Copy (2 Copies): RM20.00

Total: RM482.00